Miman! - TUESDAY March 26th - 8:30

'English and Indian folk music blends seamlessly with sentiments aching to free jazz and contemporary music in an organic fashion that steers clear of the dogmatic.'

The Miman trio has toured all over Europe the last years, and in early 2018 they released their debut album "Ulme".

Their second album "Stora Mängder Rymdgrus" is out March 15th 2019.

Come celebrate with us this new release!

Miman is an improvising trio consisting of fiddler Hans Kjorstad, guitarist and clarinetist Andreas Røysum and bassist Egil Kalman

Three of the most distinct and active young voices on the thriving Scandinavian improv scene.

Gerard Daval

Several links:
A gig in Lillehammer, Norway: https://youtu.be/mA-xih_PlBY
A snippet from a gig in 2018 Moscow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=506VmSnG12E

Miman home page: http://mimantrio.com/

Inutile Témoin & Gravas's Band - Fri March 15th - 8:30PM

Photo: Ken Werner

Two Bands on the 15th!

"Embark on a mystical journey, travel from the stomach to the little voices, reminiscent of a volcano on the brink of eruption."

Inutile Témoin- is Teresa Riemann and Amélie Legrand on cello, drums, electronics and voices.

French, German and English poetry with free improvisation to produce an energetic and abstract sound which delivers a deep and direct energy.


photo: Amélie Blanc

Poetry, gracefulness and a bit of tragedy...

Pls listen: https://soundcloud.com/user-320950787

Aurélie Gravas & La Femme d'Ali:
Aurélie Gravas (vocals, guitar).
Luc van Lieshout ( trumpet),
Nicolas Thys ( double bass),


Gerard Daval


Amélie Legrand

Amelie Legrand is a French cellist, singer and composer based in Berlin, Germany.

She is active within many different musical scenes, including noise rock, arabic music, free improvisation and film score composition.

She is dedicated to exploring the cello to its fullest potential and develop a form of expression which places the highest priority on the individuality of the performer and the spontaneity of each unique moment.
Her sound can be raw, noisy, minimalist or melodic. She uses her voice with electronics, working on poems between improvisation and rock and roll.

Amelie performs regularly on the European improvised experimental stage.
She collaborates with Adam Goodwin and Tatsumi Ryusui in the band Elmer Kussiac, which will release its first album in February 2018. They collaborate with various performers and artists such as Guillaume Cailleau, Britt Al-Busultan, Michyasu Furutani, Clara Bausch and Distruktur.

Amelie co-composed the music of the flm “In the Last Days of the City” by the Egyptian film maker Tamer El Said that was presented at the Berlinale 2016, more than 60 festivals and released now in 10 countries. She composed the music of the film “Les pieds sur terre” by Batiste Combret and Bertrand Hagenmuller that was released in French cinemas in 2017. She also composed the music of Rudar by Hanna Slak that will be released in Slovenia in September 2017. Amelie was one of the six composers selected on the program “Emergence Cinema” in 2016 in Paris.

AL was invited by the Bibliotheca of Alexandria in March 2017 to give a workshop called “Improvised music in filmscore composition”.

Amelie studied cello in France at the Conservatoire in Bordeaux with Laurence Dufour and Etienne Peclard.


Teresa Riemann - Berlin

(*1988 in Dachau) lived and worked as performance-artist, 
musician (compositions /improvisations: drums, piano, voice), writer and psychologist since 2012 in Berlin.

Since 2010 she has been organizing and staging numerous concerts, readings and performances from Poland to Tunisia. She has been touring with various bands throughout Europe, and presented very intense solo or two-people performances on festivals, e.g. "Choufthouhonna", 2016, Tunis; "Queerfest" 2015, Poznan; "Zwischenraum Festival" 2015, Sotodo Berlin 2017, Onomatopoesietage Innsbruck 2017 (...) 2010 she has been co-founding the cultural space "Café Decentral" in Innsbruck, Austria.

Since 2012 she is part of the association XB-Liebig (Berlin), and has been curating various concerts, readings and interdisciplinary events.

Since 2017 January she is constantly on the road, living art and realizing projects to break the pullulating attitude of bystanding.

Sprung from the dark caves of the collective german subconsciousness, forging an outlet via the Berlin Noise scene, Berlin based musician, poetess and performance-artist Teresa Riemann explores, through her creative output, the darkness and even more-so the light, which can be found in the spaces we like to keep locked up far away from where anybody can see them.

After being taught how to play the piano in a classical way, excluding all passion from pure perfection, she started to evolve a genuine art of playing by learning the instruments by herself, starting with the electric guitar, later discovering drums.

From 2013 on she is active in different musical collaborations to be situated inside the broad field of new music that yet come with a raw energy and find themselves far from a hygienical tidiness of pure intellectualism.

She has played with various musicians in improvised music throughout Europe, mainly as a drummer with a strong voice. Apart from that, she developed her own compositions on piano with vocals.

In 2013 she recorded her first solo album "She has lost control again", partly composed, partly improvised, using guitars, voice and drums.

She has been part of various theatre projects, and in 2015 her play >punch me< was staged for the first time.

Since 2017 she's playing in ›Inutile Témoin‹ (Amélie Legrand - cello, voice / Teresa Riemann - drums, voice) and ›Naked in the Zoo‹ (Ruben Tenenbaum - violin / Teresa Riemann - drums, voice).

Every dogma is a coma would best describe her artistic approach.

Papilloon - Fri Feb 15th - 8:30PM

We welcome Papilloon.
A great step for Haekem, moving closer towards hard-rock, notably improvised one. 

A pleasure to welcome so talented band.

As an introduction, pls listen:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-37587914/sets/ep-circles
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/013iAFwSHDIODunZqTY6OT?si=W-L_okIVRHKDFYqTu9S2nQ

But live performance sounds much more amazing! Just try by yourself !

See U
Gerard Daval

Papilloon - Fri Feb 15th - 8:30PM
Wim Boddin, one very fervent saxofonist, decided to play out his expertise as a frontman.
Therefore, he needed a guitargod, our favourite gingerhead Enrico Van Cleemput.
Ben D'hoore and Jan Feyaerts, followed soon: a piece of wood with synthesizers and a fat singing bass emerged on the Papilloon stage.
Drummer Ruben Goossens earned the job because of his doge, which is the main reason why we have groupies.
And also because of his drum skills.
To make sure the five guys won't get too chaotic, they decided to get Freya Dasseville to keep things in control. This musical lady plays all instruments, but had to limit her options to guitar. Sometimes she may sing. Now and again.

Reminiscence - Solo VI -Fri Jan 18th - 8:30

Next Friday, improvisation by Kevin Lam, guitar.
As a foreword, pls listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP4EQMKhq7s

Highly promising Artist.

See U,

Gerard Daval

Friday January 18th

Reminiscence - Solo VI
Kevin Lam: Guitar
Haekem, Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken 1000 Brussels
Metro: Sint-Katelijne - Sainte-Catherine



Heat Obscures Light - Wed Jan 23th - 8PM

Comprising musicians from Australia, Russia and Germany, based in Weimar and Leipzig, ‘Heat Obscures Light’ is a collective dedicated to exploring new approaches to making music.

Pls listen: http://www.jordanwhite.de/music/collective/

The group uses original compositions as starting points for improvisation, attempting to use unconventional tonal, rhythmic and formal ideas as organically, and above all, as honestly as possible.

Haekem is proud to welcome

Jordan White (AUS) – Guitar
Olga Reznichenko (RUS) – Piano
André Van der Heide (DE) – Drums

Wed Jan 23Th - 8PM

See You

Gerard Daval

More info on www.jordanwhite.de

Beresford+Vasseur at Haekem - Sat Jan 12th - 9PM

Charlie Beresford (guitar, voice)
Christian Vasseur (guitar, voice)

"Having known of each others work for many years Christian and Charlie finally bring together their unique approaches to the guitar for the first time.

Both guitarists have spent many years expanding their language on the guitar using both standard and extended techniques.

Moving from the textural to the melodic their improvisations have a descriptive almost film like quality."

Incredible guitar duo at Haekem on Saturday 12th January 2019.
Please listen:
See You,
Gerard Daval

Christian Vasseur

The composer, improviser, guitar and lute player Christian Vasseur' music borrows as much from classical tradition as from popular music. It is free of any form of dogma.

As a proteiform musician he every often takes part into interdisciplinary events where music combines itself with other artistic media, such as photography, video, dance and theatre where acoustic and electronic sounds usually intermingle.

Christian Vasseur composes new original music for the lute.

Among regular or intermittent music fellows :
Jean-Christophe Lannoy, Philippe Lenglet, Gilbert Isbin, Isao Wada, Claude Colpaert,
Steve Gibbs, Didier Pietton, Pierre Mottron, Pascal Marzan, Sapho, Mia Zabelka, Amit Chatterjee, Apratim Majumdar, John Russell, Mia Zabelka, Audrey Laurau, Charlie Beresford...
Albums on Playa Sound, Humming Conch, Thirsty Leaves Music, Alina and Bandcamp.


Charlie Beresford

UK based artist, musician and designer (acoustic guitar and vocals) Charlie Beresford works both solo and with the groups Fourth Page, Beresford Hammond, and Beresford Hammond Hume. He is also a founding member of the Radnor Improvisers, a group of musicians based in the Welsh Marches. They perform as well as work in the community using improvisation to promote communication and bring people together.

His musical life as a musician and studio producer has seen him work with artists spanning most genres such as Russian free jazz star Alexey Kruglov, Judy Tzuke, Patrick Dawes, Duke Garwood, M.N Hopwood, June Tabor, and the Ian McMillan Orchestra to name a few.

CANCELED! Reminiscence - VI Solo - Fri Dec 14th - 8:30PM

We are terribly sorry: Due to reasons beyond our control 

'Reminiscence' Concert has to be canceled.

Next Friday, improvisation by Kevin Lam, guitar.

As a foreword, pls listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP4EQMKhq7s

Highly promising Artist.

See U,

Gerard Daval

Friday December 14th

Reminiscence - Solo VI
Kevin Lam: Guitar
Haekem, Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken 1000 Brussels
Metro: Sint-Katelijne - Sainte-Catherine



Le Mur du Fond: Saturday Dec 8th - 8:30PM

French poetry and improvised music!
We are happy to welcome Le Mur du Fond.

Emotional Poetry, not only for french speaking people!

See U,

Gerard Daval

Le Mur du Fond
"Poésie sonore et musique improvisée"
Patrice Cazelles: Voix, textes
Jean-Michel Chartier: Sousbassophone
Francis Larvor: Electroacoustique
Jaqk Pochat: Saxophone, Trompes

Saturday December 8th
Contribution Towards Expenses: 10euros

Melodica Wizard: Friday Dec 7th - 8:30PM

Welcome back to amazing Artist, Hico Natsuaki, with his incredible art of playing Melodica.
This year, two great performers will share Improvised Music.

It will be a great experience for everybody!

See U,

Gerard Daval

Melodica Wizard

Thursday November 7th

Hico Natsuaki: Melodica

Sachiyo Honda: MixMedia Artist

“Refraction Out“ Haekem Concert Series: the Premiere

Chloé CUTTAZ (Flute)
Patrick DEVERS (Percussions)
Julien GILLAIN (Violin)
Ashley MARQUES (Clarinet), 

and You?

Would you be free ? Would it interest you ?
“Refraction Out“ Haekem concert series gives you a unique experience around
improvised music creation based on concept-images.
The first concert of this series, “Exit through the stained glass“, is focused on the window concept, the gap,
the opening on another world.
The starting point of this project ? Gustav (Mahler)’s concept, with the textual introduction of “Bruder Jacob“ in his 1rst Symphony (Titan, 1888) – which is also the principal theme. And also Basquiat or Fra Angelico among others.

Curious ? Artist-Adventurer ? Want to listen ? To participate ? Haekem Theatre is waiting for you… See you !

FR :
Serais-tu libre ? Cela t’intéresserait-il ?
La série “Refraction Out“ de Haekem te donne la possibilité d’expérimenter la création sonore improvisée à partir d’images- concept. Le premier concert de cette série , “Exit through the stained glass“ se focalise sur l’idée de la fenêtre, l’interstice, l’ouverture sur un autre monde. Le point de départ de ce projet ? Le concept de Gustav (Mahler), avec l’introduction textuelle de « Bruder Jacob » dans sa symphonie n°1 (Titan, 1888) – dont-il est vrai, c’est également le thème musical.
Mais aussi Baquiat ou Fra Angelico, parmi tant d'autres.

Curieux ? Aventurier-Artiste ? Envie d’écouter ? de participer ? Haekem Theatre t’attend… Au plaisir de te voir !

Zou je vrij zijn ? Zou het jou interesseren ?
“Refraction Out“ concert series geeft jou de mogelijkheid
om op concept-afbeeldingen muzikaal te experimenteren.
Het eerste concept van deze series, “Exit through the stained glass“, is gebaseerd op het idee van venster,
een opening, een deur naar andere wereld.
Het startpunt van dit project ? Gustav Mahler’s concept, met de tekstuele introductie van “Bruder Jacob“ uit zijn 1ste Simfonie (Titan, 1888) – wlke ook het hoofdthema is.

Curieus ? Artiest-Avonturier ? Wil je komen luisteren ? Om te participeren ? Haekem Theater wacht op jou … Tot gauw !

See U,

Gerard Daval

This event in a nutshell:
'Exit through the stained glass'
Fri Nov 30th
10:30 PM

Haekem: Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken 1000 Brussels
Contribution Towards Expenses:
Full Price : 10 euros
Student, Elder, Jobless : 5 euros
BIO (By Invitation Only)