Haekem: JOOKLO QUANTIUS + OMINARE - Thursday June 1st - 19:45

Adventurous improvisational musick from the underground!


Absurdist power trio made up of the infamous Jooklo Duo and the smuggling Mik Quantius. Psychedelic outbursts of electronic noise clash with freeform reeds and non-orthodox uses of vocals, violin and cheap keyboards.




Absorbing electro-acoustic drone explorations by Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle (Lamina, Xaxi) and Léa Roger (Félon, Osilasi, et al). With an arsenal of sound producing/capturing devices, the duo use their ears to create pathways into the inner most forest of life and death.  


Haekem Theatre
rue de Laeken 66; Lakensestraat 66 1000 Brussels

pay between 5€ - 10€ (it all goes to the bands)

opens at 19:00 

first show at 20:00

ends at 22:30 

let's respect the place, the people, the vibe and enjoy the noise together!!

bring earplugs!!! (max95dB)

THX Diana Dimetriova, Ernestoh Gonzaluz, Gerard Daval, organizing

Haekem: « Esezezus » by Orryelle -book and album Europe launch (BXL)- Thursday May 25th

The launch of Esezezus
Haekem Theatre - Lakensestraat, 66 - rue de Laeken, 66 - 1000 Brussel - Bruxelles

Thursday, May 25th - 7:00PM

"After the UK Launch in London, the European launch of Orryelle's new esoteric book and album 'Esezezus' in Brussels expands to include a full musical ensemble to accompany his poetry, song, and violin, plus an exhibition of original drawings and painting from the book...

Esezezus is an exploration of the Magic of Language, particularly in verse - both in the form of an exegesis on the subject; and also by example as it compiles over a decade’s worth of esoteric poetry by the author. This ranges from the cosmic and evocational to the personal, in a diversity of styles and forms.

Extracts of ritual theatre productions in verse are also included, and the work is richly illustrated by the author-artist in multiple media - drawings, oil paintings, and photographs from sculptures and performances.

For the European Launch in addition to Orryelle's solo performance, he is also performing new improvisational musical renditions of verses from the book with RinOrrFreyus.

The composite musical beast which was RinOrrCius continues to mutate, now featuring effected bass by Fre Fortuna as well as electronic frequencies from Rinus and voice & violin from Orryelle.

As the central essay in the book explores especially the vibrational aspects of poetic language - ie when spoken or sung rather than only written - it comes with an album (CD & streaming code) of magical music by the author and collaborators, wherein many of the verses in the book are orated or sung accompanied by a wide range of musical accompaniment from neoclassical to experimental electronica.

Esezezus is a new word referring to the bliss of ‘Tongues’ as both physical vessels of language and languages themselves. As the Word (made flesh) ‘Language’ itself comes from French Langue meaning Tongue (the organ) they are really one, and can only thus be differentiated or split by speaking/act- ing with Forked Tongue (dividing the concept and its means)."

You are welcome!

Gerard Daval

Artwork: Orryelle
Photos : Orryelle
Graphisme: Haekem
Management: Gerard Daval

Haekem: Andrea Tonero + Sylvain Monchocé - Saturday May 13th 7:30PM

Back from a Tour in Korea and Japan...

"Monchocé/Tonero is a duo of improvised music where the listening process of the two musicians allows the dialog between the prepared piano and the prepared gayageum/flute/saxophone to create suspended moments in time that broaden the space...

 ...The sounds coming from each one of them melt into one large soundscape of rich intertwined textures, creating poetic atmospheres in which silent and quiet moments dialog with high energetic and dense layers of sound...

Andrea Tonero - prepared piano
Sylvain Monchocé - gayageum, bass flute, alto saxophone"

Saturday May 13th - 7:30PM

You are welcome!

Gerard Daval

Haekem Theatre - Lakensestraat, 66 - rue de Laeken, 66 - 1000 Brussel - Bruxelles

Artwork: Sylvain Monchocé
Photos : Marie Caron
Graphisme: Haekem
Management: Gerard Daval

Haekem: Felix-Florian Tödtloff + Disposición Asoleada - Friday May 12th - 8PM

Ambiant & Psych and Noise. Improvised!

Friday May 12th, 20:00
Haekem Theatre Rue de Laeken 66 Brussels 1000 Belgium

“German experimental musician Felix-Florian Tödtloff starts his May 2023 tour with a concert at Haekem Theatre in Brussels, backed up by a performance of David Jarrín's free-folk project "Disposición Asoleada".”

You are welcome!

Gerard Daval

Felix-Florian Tödtloff (Ambient, GER)

In 2012 Berlin-raised musician Felix-Florian Tödtloff started performing solo as »Sferics«, improvising frippertronics-style loops on electric guitar. Over time he added layers of subtractive synthesizer drones, percussion and processed field recordings - expanding his musical vocabulary and leaning towards more compositional techniques.

In 2021 Full Body Massage Records released Tödtloff's first album »Shale / Like Gold« on which he blends acoustic instruments with Berlin-school-style electronica, followed by time-streching studies which became the 2-song EP »Alto«, released in 2022 on Grisaille.

Besides performing solo Felix is part of experimental Duos "Magazine Magazine" & "The Old Dream of Symmetry" and leads the improvisational rock group "Swoosh". Notable solo performances took place all throughout Europe, Israel, Russia and China. Two musical study tours took him to the Caucasus and the Volta Region of Ghana.

The concert at Haekem will mark Felix-Florian Tödtloff's debut solo performance in Belgium.

Website: https://felixfloriantodtloff.com
Bandcamp: https://felixfloriantodtloff.bandcamp.com

Live at WORM Rotterdam: https://vimeo.com/282274923

Disposición Asoleada (Free-Folk, ECU) (BE)

"Disposición Asoleada" (spanish for Sunny Disposition) is the moniker of the Ecuadorian music citizen David Jarrín.

Active in the Brussels psych and noise scene since 2003, his explorations range between acoustic lo-fi experiments to eerie soundscapes, from glitch electronics to raga oriented transfigurations on a six string banjo.

Jarrín is member of "Sage Alyte", "éole cristal" & "Amanita Vulva".
This concert is brought to you by Weak Industries (https://weak-industries.net) in cooperation with Haekem Theatre, Brussels (https://haekem.blogspot.com).

Haekem Theatre, Improvised Music.
Electro, Contemporary, Classic.
Downtown Brussels. Unique.

Artworks: Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Graphisme: Haekem
Management: Gerard Daval

Haekem: JM FOUSSAT & JJ DUERINCKX - Tuesday May 16th 2023 - 8PM


"Electro-ana(r)logique et acoustique forcenée" JMVS

Experimental Improvised Music

You are welcome

Gerard Daval

EMS Synthi AKS

(EN.Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMS_Synthi_AKS)

"Synthi AKS is portable modular analog synthesisers made by EMS of England.

In 2020, the average price for a Synthi AKS in good condition was around US$20,000 on the international market.

The Synthi AKS has been used extensively by Brian Eno in his art rock and ambient albums. He particularly made prominent use of its signal-chain editing capability in order to add colour to his own voice as well as Robert Fripp and Phil Manzanera's guitar work. His early band, Roxy Music, supposedly requested that he join them after watching him tinker with the Synthi AKS for only a few minutes.[citation needed]

Tangerine Dream used several Synthi AKS's throughout the early 1970s.

Jean-Michel Jarre featured the Synthi AKS on his albums Oxygène and Équinoxe, as well as on Oxygène: Live in Your Living Room.

Pink Floyd used the synthesiser to create the electronic riff of the track "On the Run" and to play the solo of "Any Colour You Like", both from the 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. (The band was reported to use an EMS VCS 3 synthesizer although it actually was a Synthi).[citation needed]

Jorge Antunes used Synthi A throughout the early 1970s with his ensemble GEMUNB Grupo de Experimentação Musical da Universidade de Brasília.

Czesław Niemen in 1975 used Synthi AKS in recording of his album Katharsis.

Tone Generator Aka Dom Guerin AKS synthesizer on SPK (band) Information Overload Unit & subsequent tours of US & England.

Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook refer to Synthi AKS in the name of their collaboration album The Dark Side of the Moog VIII: Careful With the AKS, Peter.

Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider used one to process his flute on early albums including Radio-Activity in 1974.

In 1980, American pop band The Bongos used the Synthi AKS on both sides of their debut single "Telephoto Lens" b/w "Glow in the Dark", played by Dennis Kelley. In 2010, lead singer Richard Barone again used the Synthi on his album Glow, produced by Tony Visconti. It is featured prominently on the song "Yet Another Midnight".

In 2013, a Japanese artist Yoshio Machida made an album "Music from the SYNTHI". This album was made by only Synthi AKS.

In 2017 Jean-Marc Foussat and Georgios Karamanolakis released a 12-inch experimental record lp "Substunce sans Scrupule" that was composed solely of two (2) Ems Synthi AKS machines and an EMS phase shifter unit."

Haekem Theatre - Lakensestraat, 66 - rue de Laeken, 66 - 1000 Brussel - Bruxelles

Artwork: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg
Photos : DR
Graphisme: Haekem
Management: Gerard Daval

Haekem: STEREOCILIA (UK) + ZEMLYA (BE) - Thursday May 4th - 19:30PM

Thursday May 4th 19:30PM
Drone and Noisy

Bonambi Records & Haekem Theatre are very happy to share an evening of live concerts full of drone layers, noisy guitars, mesmerizing Ambient/Post-Rock vibes and improvised music.

19h30: Doors
20h: Zemlya
21h: Stereocilia

is Bristol, UK based composer John Scott. 
Through his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques he creates dense and rich atmospheres of sound resulting in a cinematographic and cathartic experience.
Over the past 10 years he has performed all over Europe and has shared a stage with acts including Ben Frost, William Basinski, Gnod, Nadja, Daniel Lanois, Noveller, Acid Mothers Temple and Josef Van Wissem.
He has also presented work for live radio broadcasts, and regularly composes for Short Film, including the Channel 4 award winning documentary “The Boy With The 8-Hour Heart”.
His 5th album “Crystalline” will be out in April 2023 on Drone Rock Records.



Zemlya’s “earth, land” is formed by spherical drone layers, distortion and crashing cymbals, from which their own meditative, metallic sound world arises. Through their live performance, Geraldine Vanspauwen (Lazzaro) and Maan Methven enter into an energy-driven dialogue between drums, bass guitar and voice, that connects clarity and distortion, finds intimacy in feedback, and explores both rough noise and uplifting silence, soaking in the deeper fields of imagined landscapes, inspired by the sounds and rhythms of their inner bodies and surroundings.


8e suggested, cash only.
Rue de Laeken 66
Brussels 1000

Organised by

Haekem: SHIT & SHINE /USA - live | SIMON HALSBERGHE /BE - live - May Wednesday 3rd - 7:30PM


Artwork: RAUM antibody label

(noise, hard electronics, experimental, dance, jazz, funk, Krautrock, techno, funk, dub...)
SHIT&SHINE is the musical brainchild of one of our favourite producers Craig Clouse. He has released (post-)everything from heavy metal perversion pieces to pounding and shiny techno.

(electronics, experimental, dance, techno)
SIMON HALSBERGHE improvises his music, constantly exploring new possibilities and offering a unique and evolving electronic sound. Like a scientist, he focuses on the concept of time, creating an intriguing rhythm that defies traditional dance tempo. He achieves this by blending hardware machines with computer music, resulting in a sound that transports listeners to new and unknown territories, which Simon often discovers at the same moment as the listener, causing both to face the present and immerse themselves in the experience.
In addition to his solo work, Simon has composed music for theatre productions. He was awarded the prize for Best Soundtrack at the Angers Film Festival in France for his work on the animated short film "Kitten Instinct" by Liesbet Eeckman. Simon has also worked as a DJ and composer for the fashion industry, creating tailor-made shows for top designers such as Gianni Versace and Christopher Kane.
Previously, Simon released music under different names, including Pitch & Hold (Love Triangle Music), Simon Hold (Vlek Records) and Habergeon (Gentle Tapes).
Entry: 10 euro (cash)

21:20 SHIT&SHINE - live

Haekem: M. EICHENBERGER & Ch. GALLIO Duo - Sat May 6th 2023 8PM

You are welcome
In: 10€ EXCLUSIVELY for Artists (CASH ONLY)

Gerard Daval


Zürich - Switzerland

Born 1957 in Aarau (AG), grew up in Moosleerau (AG). Lives in Zurich and Menzberg (LU). After an apprenticeship as a photographer, he trained as a teacher for early musical education and obtained a wind orchestra conductor’s diploma. During this time he worked as a department store salesman. Teacher for early music education. 1978 to 1982 music teacher at various schools in the canton of Aargau. Since 1982 instrumental teacher for clarinet and saxophone at the Musikschule Zürcher Unterland MSZU.

Since 1977 he has been working as a clarinettist and partly as a saxophonist almost exclusively with improvised music in various groups and projects. Focus areas are on his solo work, duo playing, improvisation in large formations, since 2003 the sound catalogue “Hörgänge” and since 2006 “Aquaphone” with Alfred Zimmerlin.

His musical work has been supported by the city and canton of Zurich, Aargauer Kuratorium, Pro Helvetia and numerous foundations.

He has received several prizes: Prize “Forum Junger Komponisten” of the WDR (1992) | Prix Cultura of the Kiwanis Foundation (1998) | Composition commission of the Pro Helvetia Foundation for DOMINO (2000) | Culture Prize of the Association Economy and Culture, Willisau (2004) | Working Scholarship Covid-19 of the City of Zurich (2021).

Concerts in Switzerland, Germany, GDR, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Great Britain, CSFR, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Belgium, France, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Belarus, Lebanon, Slovenia.



Baden - Switzerland

Christoph Gallio lebt und arbeitet in Baden, Schweiz. Als Musiker pflegt er die freie Improvisation sowie die Interpretation meist eigener Musik. Auf Augenhöhe arbeitet er immer wieder gerne mit VertreterInnen anderer Disziplinen wie Tanz, bildender Kunst und Lyrik zusammen. Neben Kompositionsaufträgen (ua von Christoph Brunner, Mondrian Ensemble mit Robin Adams, See Siang Wong und Petra Ackermann) schreibt er für seine Bands und eigene Projekte. Christoph Gallio leitete mehrere Bands, zur Zeit das Trio DAY & TAXI mit Silvan Jeger und Gerry Hemingway. Seit 1986 führt er das PERCASO Label. Tourneen brachten ihn nach Kanada, die USA, Russland, Kasachstan, Japan, China, Argentinien und Chile. Konzerte gab und gibt er in der ganzen Schweiz und im nahen Ausland.

Christoph Gallio war bei der Gründung der Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik (WIM) in Zürich mit dabei. Zudem ist er Mitglied des Schweizer Musikverbandes SONART.

Gallios Musik wird ua durch die Labels PERCASO, UNIT Records, HatHut, Creativ Sources, Nendo Dango Records, PLUS TIMBRE, Impro! Ritual, INTAKT, Vexer Verlag, Isospin Labs, Snowdonia, Youth Inc., THE WIRE tapper 52, Leo Records, Ayler Records, RAPID MOMENT, SLAM Records, Atavistic vertreten.

Manfred Papst in JAZZ PODIUM (May 2022)


Artwork Flyer: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg
THX Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg organizing this event.
Graphics Studio: Haekem.
Haekem Management: Gerard Daval.

Haekem: We Earth Neurons - April Thur 20th AND Frid 21th

@Haekem Theatre Lakensestraat/rue de Laeken, 66 - 1000 Brussels 
on April 20th & April 21th, improvised music, electro and expos

2 days Event: We Earth Neurons

More than 20 years ago I created and developed with my team AI driven medical training courses. "AI Patients" were able to speak, have and show emotion, suffer or recover and be happy or not!

MDs were able making their own diagnosis and treatment entering all the physical, exams and could prescribe additional tests if deemed necessary.

AI was able to manage patient life in all aspects, following medical guide lines and Experts experience. AI drive what will happen.
Were we a bit in advance? No. 
AI progresses are really slow!

This expo is dedicated to AI progresses. Music, visuals, writing, speaking have never be so fluent, so creative. Poetry appears.

Long life to AI! And thanks to Rinus, Omar, Vladimir and all the artists present these two days for their amazing work.

You are welcome.

Dr Gerard Daval

THX Rinus, Omar, Vlad organising this event 

Entry: ONLY for Arstists 

Visuals: Rinus  

For Haekem: Gerard Daval

April 20th concerts

20:00 *Imperfected* Symphonic Guitar Noiz

21:00 *F.Y.I.R.P* Psychedelic Electro Punk

April 21th concerts

20:00 *ORFREYNUS & TraumaSutra*

Psychedelic Noiz-Violin-Electro jam

21:00 *Uva Ursi*
Soundtracks for broken televisions / Storytelling in a sonic jungle.

22: 00 *Total Jam* Through Earth Morons

April 20th AND April 21th
Installation 1: *The New Interactive Womb*
The "Interactive Womb" is an art science project created by a team of artists and researchers
at the University of Leuven, Belgium. The project aims to provide visitors with a simulated experience of being in a womb, using multisensory technology to create a fully immersive environment.
The project involves a large, translucent, foamy biological structure rising the long-lost memory of the Womb, which visitors can enter. Once inside, visitors can interact with a range of sensory stimuli, including light, sound, smell and touch, that simulate the experience of being in a womb.
The creators of the project hope that it will provide visitors with a new perspective on the meaning-of-life and encourage discussion about the role of technology in the immortalization and rejuvenation of the human body.
Overall, the "Interactive Womb" project is an extremely innovative and thought-provoking combination of art and science that has the potential to induce a positive psychosis in human subjects or Alternative State of Mind.( Session 19' more or less)

Installation 2: "NeuReunion"
Installation 2: "NeuReunion" by omiCrobe, a collection of 333 animated contemporary works of
art: a playful exploration on the fusion of biology and technology, produced with AI assistance and published on the blockchain as nft. (mp4, 768x768)
We delve into the mysteries of the mind, exploring the depths of consciousness and the intricacies of thought, illuminating the human experience through the lens of art. In this age of artificial intelligence, we are forced to confront some of the most profound questions about what it means to be human. AI forces us to think about intelligence, consciousness, what is identity, what is an individual, what makes us human. Through our art, we explore these questions and seek to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human. We believe that art has the power to inspire and challenge us, to open our minds to new possibilities and to unlock the full potential of human creativity. By engaging with these questions and exploring the mysteries of the mind, we seek to create art that is both meaningful and transformative, inspiring others to join us in this exploration and to contribute their own unique perspectives and insights to the conversation. Our art reflects the richness and diversity of the human experience, and it is through this diversity that we can embrace this visionary future.

& more surprises!

Haekem: Jack Wright & Ben Bennett + Steve Gibbs solo - April Friday 14th - 8PM






“Hello everyone , Bonjour à tous 

Bienvenue au Haekem Theatre le vendredi 14 avril 8PM 
Rue de Laeken 66 1000 Bruxelles pour 

C.I.M.S #9 
DUO JACK WRIGHT & BEN BENNETT (USA) - saxophone - percussions 
et STEVE GIBBS (USA/ BE ) guitare solo contemporaine 
Jack Wright est un saxophoniste chercheur de sons et un incontournable de la scène improvisée américaine depuis très longtemps.
Son alter - ego percussionniste Ben Bennett a créé un univers sonore percussif et visuel et la combinatoire des deux personnalités est enthousiasmante. Free - music radicale pur jus pleine d’émotions (CD Augur).

Steve Gibbs est un guitariste « classique » acoustique virtuose et rompu à la musique contemporaine de recherche et un connaisseur du répertoire de JS Bach pour le Luth qu’il a développé à la guitare sept cordes. Il habite Bruxelles depuis de nombreuses années."

 Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

Concert à ne pas rater.

You are welcome!

Gerard Daval

Augur, by Jack Wright & Ben Bennett

Tangle, by Ben Bennett / Jack Wright

Audio Steve Gibbs (right): https://soundcloud.com/steve-gibbs-8

THX Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg organising this event

Entry: 10€ ONLY for Arstists

Visuals: Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg

For Haekem: Gerard Daval