NAMU3: Live! - Sat 28 Apr - 8PM

Action painting in sound

Steve Gibbs (USA/BE) 8 string prepared guitar, voice

Joachim Raffel (DE) percussion, found objects, voice
Willem Schulz (DE) cello

”A musical amalgam whose presence is quite simply without parallel in the musical sphere, an improvised sonic landscape that adjusts our perception of collective improvisation in a new way” - Jazz Podium (DE)

28 April 8PM NAMU3 will play at Haekem.
I will perform along a live video performance.
Please come with your musical instrument (body, voice, device) to improvise in a creative jam.

See U. Gerard Daval

Eery, unidentifiable atmospheres, gripping colours, minute detail, silence, brutal attacks, primitive visceral energy ... Namu3 describes their real time creation process as “action painting in sound”, a perpetually evolving landscape integrating a hugely diverse baggage from contemporary classical music through non-Western ritual traditions, Dada and noise metal. Polydisciplinary collaborations have included saxophonist Anna-Lena Schnabel, vocalist Guylaine Cosseron, video artists Jérémy Carpenet and Helmuth Kohn, dancers Milton Paulo and Javier Suarez, or historic mechanical looms and technicians in a 16th century weaving museum. Joyous, contagious, violent, tender, enigmatic …

Steve Gibbs (USA/BE) 8 string guitar, voice 

With a field of activity spanning recitals, research and multidisciplinary creation, Gibbs has developed a radically personalized 8 string concert guitar with embedded captors that enables him to approach lute and keyboard music, contact noise and odd string fractions within a single instrument. Over 40 years of career has performed in Europe, USA and Asia. In addition to Western music, his professional training includes Carnatic and Buddhist chant and Korean shamanist percussion. At present he is preparing to record a new arrangement of J.S.Bach's Complete Lute Works for Japanese label Da Vinci Edition.

Joachim Raffel (DE) percussion, found objects, voice

Following Jazz Piano studies at Amsterdam School of Arts in the 1980s, Joachim Raffel went on to study composition with Bob Brookmeyer and Bill Dobbins at Cologne Highschool of Music. To date he has released 8 CDs as leader, composer, pianist and percussionist and received 3 jazz awards. His output also includes large scale minimal pieces (such as Minimaloption for vocal ensemble, indian harmonium, percussion and dance) and film music (for Franco-German production Daimonion). Over the last 15 years, Joachim Raffel progressively extended his activities into the field of improvised music and noisescape, developing a highly personal use of prepared piano, percussion and found objects.

Willem Schulz (DE) cello

Composer and performance artist Willem Schulz started classical cello at a very young age and has dedicated much of his life and work to seeking out the most diverse and multiple possibilities of this instrument. In the 1960s he came under the influence of Performance and Happening artists of the Fluxus and New Music movements. His many collectives dedicated to research in sound art and improvisation include Ensemble Musica Negativa, NED, Dekadenz, open string quartet, TATUNTAT and EIS / the first improvising orchestra. His driving interest is the investigation of the limits of musicality and sound, and their interaction with all possible forms of artistic expression and communication.

Winds, Xaviere ft Maija - Clarinets - Sat 21 Apr - 8PM

We are honored and lucky to welcome an extraordinary team of which one member already gave at Haekem a memorable "air" performance.

Saturday, Liège features Helsinki (Finland) in a bodacious Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Sax, and Electronic Wind Instrument Improvised Concert.

Xavière Fertin: Clarinet
Maija Anttila: Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Saxophone and EWI.

Supported by the Finnish Music Foundation (MES)

See You.

Gerard Daval

Winds, Xavière ft Maija

Concert, improvised music
Saturday 21 April 2018

Haekem, downtown Brussels

Maija Anttila (1988) is a Finnish musician, currently living in Amsterdam. With her instruments clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and EWI she she is dedicated to performing music of our time, playing numerous premiers of solo -, chamber - and orchestral works and receiving new compositions from several composers.
In her solo programs Maija creates an organic sound flow by combining written pieces to improvised music. Her new solo set consists of music for clarinets and live-electronics, including works from Matilda Seppälä, Hannu Pohjannoro and Igor C Silva.

Xavière Fertin

D.U.O. Christine Bertocchi & Guillaume Orti - Sat 31 March - 8PM

"With this duo, Christine Bertocchi and Guillaume Orti offer an intimate experience based on the confrontation of two voices of the same range.
A specific acoustic experience, in which timbres exploration intends to be the sound crystallization of the specificities of the space."

Such an amazing experience. See You. Gerard Daval

Christine Bertocchi, voice
Guillaume Orti, soprano saxophone

Saturday 31 March


Pls see:

Born in 1974, Christine begins performing on stage at a young age, in 1989, in singing and theater shows directed by Patrick Font.
During this period she still pursued her training in acting, singing and contemporary dance (CNR in Grenoble and workshops). From 1992 on her interest guided her towards multidisciplinary works and she began working for choreographers and theater directors, such as Bruno Meyssat (1993-1999). Christine pursued her training in lyrical singing in Paris. She completed an internship at the Centre Acanthe in contemporary vocal music with Françoise Kubler (2002).

Christine is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 2000 and holds a diploma in anatomy and voice physiology with phoniatrician Guy Cornut and Blandine Calais-Germain

Guillaume was born in 1969.
After studying for four years at the Conservatoire de Région d’Avignon with André Jaume in jazz and with Robert Malbec and Jacques Person in classical saxophone, he moved to Paris (1989) where he met people who had a real impact in his work, such as Benoît Delbecq with whom he started the Kartet group, just before attending a workshop at Banff (Canada) under Steve Coleman’s supervision.
This experience had a crucial impact on his musical development.

In the 90s he played a big part in the improvised music scene taking place at the Instants Chavirés.
He co-founded the Hask in 1993, and Mercoledi & Co in 1996, two entities that always put forward practice and collective creativity.

As an improviser and composer, Guillaume works on the relationship between dance/music and text/music, which he does more specifically in the “à mesure” duet, by Christine Bertocchi (voice) and Eric Chalan (double bass), for which he composes with Ghislain Mugneret (author).

Photo: Fabien Buring
Artworks, Graphic Studio: Haekem - Gerard Daval

Eric Arn & Margaret Unknown - Fri 23 March - 8PM

Max (Margaret) and I are touring in late March. Do you think something can happen at Haekem?

Couple of months ago I received this opportunity.
A list of disk, links, soundcloud, etc. followed*.
I carefully experienced and... they both will be at Haekem on Friday 23 March.

I hope You will have a crush on there work, as I did.

From Press Release:
"Explosive free-guitar veterans Eric Arn (Feeding Tube, Feathered Coyote) and Margaret Unknown (Golden Lab Records, Wireglobe Recordings) will be touring Europe as a duo this winter.

They are available for a concentrated dose of brain-bending and string-destroying sound experimentation in Brussels on 23 March, 2018.

For 10 years, the duo of guitarists Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind, Outer Vortex, Bird People) and Margaret Unknown ((In) The Abyssity of Grounds, Seele, Guele Populaire) have been exploring the outer reaches of improvised music with results as fascinating as they are audacious.
Using advanced and extended technique but discarding conventional foundations of music, they eliminate boundaries between psychedelic explorations, freedom music, abstract noise, and contemporary composition.
They are releasing their first duo LP ‘Paranza Corta’ on Feeding Tube Records in February 2018."

KLASIK4SAX underground - Sat 3 March - 8PM

Four musicians coming from Spain, France, Italy and Israel found each other while studying in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
They joined together in order to express their passion: making chamber music that shows music has no borders.
This young energetic quartet will take you on a journey through time and space with original pieces for saxophone quartet and transcriptions from baroque to contemporary times.
The quartet already performed in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
They won the European chamber music competition of Luxembourg in November 2017.

Pieces by Palestrina, Bach, Pierné, Singelee, Shostakovich and James.


Saturday 3 March
Haekem'Foyer opening: 7PM
Vegan meals, burgers, paninis, traditional dishes are served.
Large choice of local, regional and special Belgian beers presently available.
Concert: 8PM

Entrance: 12€
PreSales, Students, Jobless: 5€ (Pls register at
THX Maayan James organizing this event.
BIO (By Invitation Only)

Haekem Theatre, Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.
Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne

Metro & 4mn walk:
Probably, the best way to Haekem
• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
- Laeken Str,
- Follow till 66.
Welcome to Haekem.

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Photo: Maayan James

Rebekka Van Bockstal & Machiel Heremans - Sat 24 Feb - 8PM

This Young Guitar duo will be playing original music and improvised sketches.
Sound, experiment and atmosphere are the main principles of their performance.
Rebekka and Machiel got to know each other from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where they both studied at the Jazz department.

Their music is influenced by modern jazz players like Bill Frisell and Gilad Hekselman.

See U
Gerard Daval

In practice:
Rebekka Van Bockstal (Guitar) & Machiel Heremans (Guitar)

SATURDAY 24 Feb 2018
Doors: 7:00pm
Performance: 8:00pm
Entrance: 14,00€
Pre-Sale: 8€ - You should be registered on
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)
THX Rebekka Van Bockstal, for organizing this event!


Haekem Theatre, Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.

Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne

Metro & 4mn walk:
Probably, the best way to Haekem
• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
- Laeken Str,
- Follow till 66.
Welcome to Haekem.

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Artists Photos: Rebekka Van Bockstal

PASHAQ: IMPROV in the DARK - Frid 16 Feb - from 8PM

PASHAQ ensemble invite you to experience free improvised music, in the complete dark. 
In this way you could be one with the music that creating itself.

You are all very welcome to bring your musical instruments and improvise with us in the second part of the night :-)
PASHAQ ensemble include four musicians from different music worlds. Each skill is unique and every session create a unique fantasy world.

See U
Gerard Daval

In practice:

Drums - Pierre Martin
Piano and electronics - Quentin Meurisse
Double bass - Shaya Feldman
Saxophones - Maayan James

FRIDAY 16 Feb 2018
Performances: from 8PM
Entrance: 7€
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)
THX Maayan James for organizing this event!

Pls see:

Gent scene in Brussels! - Frid 9 & Sat 10 Feb 18 -from 6PM

Amazing Gent scene in Brussels!
Two days to experience one of the most innovative and productive scenes in Belgium.

More than 10 artists, performances, a diver (yes!), contemp & improv music, poetries, drawings, even furniture.
Friday and Saturday, here at Haekem, downtown Brussels.

See U

Gerard Daval

In practice:
The Interactive Womb
Kris Lee
The Flying Ostriches
Didi L/De Paris
Karolien Nuyttens
Kurt Hansens
Erwin Van Der Jeugt
0 Mama
Dadaïne Sessions
Frankenstein Rat
And more...

FRIDAY 9 Feb 2018
SATURDAY 10 Feb 2018Performances: from 6pm
Free entrance / Hat
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)
THX Rinus Spatial,, for organizing this event!

Hildegard to Bartok - Duo Dilemme - Wednesday 13 Nov - 8pm +MODIFICATIONS+


Beyond Borders: Serious Music Meets Popular Music

Duo Dilemme
Marie Ghitta (viola), Welleda Muller (violin, singing, dancing)

Wednesday 13th December 2017, 8pm
Haekem, Bruxelles

Duo Dilemme is proud to invite you to a trip across Europe and across time in Haekem Theater to discover its fresh and energising universe! 

You’ll hear (duet violin/viola or viola/singing): Bartok, Bach, Renaissance’s madrigal, Hildegard von Bingen, Jewish music from medieval Spain to early 20th century, etc.

You’ll see: Menuet dance, Gigues (Irish and Bach!)

You’ll learn more about different contexts: Middle Ages, Renaissance, traditional music from all across Europe, early 20th century experiences, anecdotes about the links between serious music and popular music, and much more!

Join us for this great evening!

Presales: 10€, pls register
Enter: 15€


Marie Ghitta is a viola player, graduated from the Conservatoire Royal of Brussels in Thérèse-Marie Gilissen class (Licence) and Vincent Hepp class (Master), and from the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussels in Paul de Clerck class (Master). She plays a very large repertoire, she’s especially a part of the Akhatamar Quartet, and the Arca Quartet. She followed free improvisation class of Kris Defoort, and studied folkloric music in different countries. She plays in the PasSages group since 2013 and she integrated the Young Belgian Strings in June 2014.

Welleda Muller is a violin player and a singer graduated from the Conservatoire Régional d’Auxerre. After a Phd in Art History she’s been hired as post-doc scholar in the Musiconis Project at the Sorbonne University; meanwhile she made a specialisation in Early Music (in Dominique Vellard and Michel Laplénie classes). She plays in different early music groups, such as Mescolanza. She’s first violin in the Minimes orchestra in Brussels (where she sings also as soloist sometimes) since April 2016. She’s been trained in Baroque dance by Nick Nguyen and Hubert Hazebroucq.

Xclusiv: Meet the Artists - Free Rehearsal Duo Dilemme - Dec 6th and Nov 12th - 7.30pm - Haekem

Exclusive: "Meet the Artists"

Dec 6th
Dec 12th


Come on and see and hear Duo Dilemme rehearsing!

A great experience! Exclusive and free, thank to the Artists.

@Haekem, downtown Brussels.

Don't forget Wednesday November 13th, Medieval Concert, 8pm!