NAMU3: Live! - Sat 28 Apr - 8PM

Action painting in sound

Steve Gibbs (USA/BE) 8 string prepared guitar, voice

Joachim Raffel (DE) percussion, found objects, voice
Willem Schulz (DE) cello

”A musical amalgam whose presence is quite simply without parallel in the musical sphere, an improvised sonic landscape that adjusts our perception of collective improvisation in a new way” - Jazz Podium (DE)

28 April 8PM NAMU3 will play at Haekem.
I will perform along a live video performance.
Please come with your musical instrument (body, voice, device) to improvise in a creative jam.

See U. Gerard Daval

Eery, unidentifiable atmospheres, gripping colours, minute detail, silence, brutal attacks, primitive visceral energy ... Namu3 describes their real time creation process as “action painting in sound”, a perpetually evolving landscape integrating a hugely diverse baggage from contemporary classical music through non-Western ritual traditions, Dada and noise metal. Polydisciplinary collaborations have included saxophonist Anna-Lena Schnabel, vocalist Guylaine Cosseron, video artists Jérémy Carpenet and Helmuth Kohn, dancers Milton Paulo and Javier Suarez, or historic mechanical looms and technicians in a 16th century weaving museum. Joyous, contagious, violent, tender, enigmatic …

Steve Gibbs (USA/BE) 8 string guitar, voice 

With a field of activity spanning recitals, research and multidisciplinary creation, Gibbs has developed a radically personalized 8 string concert guitar with embedded captors that enables him to approach lute and keyboard music, contact noise and odd string fractions within a single instrument. Over 40 years of career has performed in Europe, USA and Asia. In addition to Western music, his professional training includes Carnatic and Buddhist chant and Korean shamanist percussion. At present he is preparing to record a new arrangement of J.S.Bach's Complete Lute Works for Japanese label Da Vinci Edition.

Joachim Raffel (DE) percussion, found objects, voice

Following Jazz Piano studies at Amsterdam School of Arts in the 1980s, Joachim Raffel went on to study composition with Bob Brookmeyer and Bill Dobbins at Cologne Highschool of Music. To date he has released 8 CDs as leader, composer, pianist and percussionist and received 3 jazz awards. His output also includes large scale minimal pieces (such as Minimaloption for vocal ensemble, indian harmonium, percussion and dance) and film music (for Franco-German production Daimonion). Over the last 15 years, Joachim Raffel progressively extended his activities into the field of improvised music and noisescape, developing a highly personal use of prepared piano, percussion and found objects.

Willem Schulz (DE) cello

Composer and performance artist Willem Schulz started classical cello at a very young age and has dedicated much of his life and work to seeking out the most diverse and multiple possibilities of this instrument. In the 1960s he came under the influence of Performance and Happening artists of the Fluxus and New Music movements. His many collectives dedicated to research in sound art and improvisation include Ensemble Musica Negativa, NED, Dekadenz, open string quartet, TATUNTAT and EIS / the first improvising orchestra. His driving interest is the investigation of the limits of musicality and sound, and their interaction with all possible forms of artistic expression and communication.

Winds, Xaviere ft Maija - Clarinets - Sat 21 Apr - 8PM

We are honored and lucky to welcome an extraordinary team of which one member already gave at Haekem a memorable "air" performance.

Saturday, Liège features Helsinki (Finland) in a bodacious Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Sax, and Electronic Wind Instrument Improvised Concert.

Xavière Fertin: Clarinet
Maija Anttila: Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Saxophone and EWI.

Supported by the Finnish Music Foundation (MES)

See You.

Gerard Daval

Winds, Xavière ft Maija

Concert, improvised music
Saturday 21 April 2018

Haekem, downtown Brussels

Maija Anttila (1988) is a Finnish musician, currently living in Amsterdam. With her instruments clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and EWI she she is dedicated to performing music of our time, playing numerous premiers of solo -, chamber - and orchestral works and receiving new compositions from several composers.
In her solo programs Maija creates an organic sound flow by combining written pieces to improvised music. Her new solo set consists of music for clarinets and live-electronics, including works from Matilda Seppälä, Hannu Pohjannoro and Igor C Silva.

Xavière Fertin