D.U.O. Christine Bertocchi & Guillaume Orti - Sat 31 March - 8PM

"With this duo, Christine Bertocchi and Guillaume Orti offer an intimate experience based on the confrontation of two voices of the same range.
A specific acoustic experience, in which timbres exploration intends to be the sound crystallization of the specificities of the space."

Such an amazing experience. See You. Gerard Daval

Christine Bertocchi, voice
Guillaume Orti, soprano saxophone

Saturday 31 March

Booking: haekem@gmail.com

Pls see:

Born in 1974, Christine begins performing on stage at a young age, in 1989, in singing and theater shows directed by Patrick Font.
During this period she still pursued her training in acting, singing and contemporary dance (CNR in Grenoble and workshops). From 1992 on her interest guided her towards multidisciplinary works and she began working for choreographers and theater directors, such as Bruno Meyssat (1993-1999). Christine pursued her training in lyrical singing in Paris. She completed an internship at the Centre Acanthe in contemporary vocal music with Françoise Kubler (2002).

Christine is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 2000 and holds a diploma in anatomy and voice physiology with phoniatrician Guy Cornut and Blandine Calais-Germain

Guillaume was born in 1969.
After studying for four years at the Conservatoire de Région d’Avignon with André Jaume in jazz and with Robert Malbec and Jacques Person in classical saxophone, he moved to Paris (1989) where he met people who had a real impact in his work, such as Benoît Delbecq with whom he started the Kartet group, just before attending a workshop at Banff (Canada) under Steve Coleman’s supervision.
This experience had a crucial impact on his musical development.

In the 90s he played a big part in the improvised music scene taking place at the Instants Chavirés.
He co-founded the Hask in 1993, and Mercoledi & Co in 1996, two entities that always put forward practice and collective creativity.

As an improviser and composer, Guillaume works on the relationship between dance/music and text/music, which he does more specifically in the “à mesure” duet, by Christine Bertocchi (voice) and Eric Chalan (double bass), for which he composes with Ghislain Mugneret (author).

Photo: Fabien Buring
Artworks, Graphic Studio: Haekem - Gerard Daval

Eric Arn & Margaret Unknown - Fri 23 March - 8PM

Max (Margaret) and I are touring in late March. Do you think something can happen at Haekem?

Couple of months ago I received this opportunity.
A list of disk, links, soundcloud, etc. followed*.
I carefully experienced and... they both will be at Haekem on Friday 23 March.

I hope You will have a crush on there work, as I did.

From Press Release:
"Explosive free-guitar veterans Eric Arn (Feeding Tube, Feathered Coyote) and Margaret Unknown (Golden Lab Records, Wireglobe Recordings) will be touring Europe as a duo this winter.

They are available for a concentrated dose of brain-bending and string-destroying sound experimentation in Brussels on 23 March, 2018.

For 10 years, the duo of guitarists Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind, Outer Vortex, Bird People) and Margaret Unknown ((In) The Abyssity of Grounds, Seele, Guele Populaire) have been exploring the outer reaches of improvised music with results as fascinating as they are audacious.
Using advanced and extended technique but discarding conventional foundations of music, they eliminate boundaries between psychedelic explorations, freedom music, abstract noise, and contemporary composition.
They are releasing their first duo LP ‘Paranza Corta’ on Feeding Tube Records in February 2018."