Eric Arn & Margaret Unknown - Fri 23 March - 8PM

Max (Margaret) and I are touring in late March. Do you think something can happen at Haekem?

Couple of months ago I received this opportunity.
A list of disk, links, soundcloud, etc. followed*.
I carefully experienced and... they both will be at Haekem on Friday 23 March.

I hope You will have a crush on there work, as I did.

From Press Release:
"Explosive free-guitar veterans Eric Arn (Feeding Tube, Feathered Coyote) and Margaret Unknown (Golden Lab Records, Wireglobe Recordings) will be touring Europe as a duo this winter.

They are available for a concentrated dose of brain-bending and string-destroying sound experimentation in Brussels on 23 March, 2018.

For 10 years, the duo of guitarists Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind, Outer Vortex, Bird People) and Margaret Unknown ((In) The Abyssity of Grounds, Seele, Guele Populaire) have been exploring the outer reaches of improvised music with results as fascinating as they are audacious.
Using advanced and extended technique but discarding conventional foundations of music, they eliminate boundaries between psychedelic explorations, freedom music, abstract noise, and contemporary composition.
They are releasing their first duo LP ‘Paranza Corta’ on Feeding Tube Records in February 2018."

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