Winds, Xaviere ft Maija - Clarinets - Sat 21 Apr - 8PM

We are honored and lucky to welcome an extraordinary team of which one member already gave at Haekem a memorable "air" performance.

Saturday, Liège features Helsinki (Finland) in a bodacious Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Sax, and Electronic Wind Instrument Improvised Concert.

Xavière Fertin: Clarinet
Maija Anttila: Clarinet, bass Clarinet, Saxophone and EWI.

Supported by the Finnish Music Foundation (MES)

See You.

Gerard Daval

Winds, Xavière ft Maija

Concert, improvised music
Saturday 21 April 2018

Haekem, downtown Brussels

Maija Anttila (1988) is a Finnish musician, currently living in Amsterdam. With her instruments clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and EWI she she is dedicated to performing music of our time, playing numerous premiers of solo -, chamber - and orchestral works and receiving new compositions from several composers.
In her solo programs Maija creates an organic sound flow by combining written pieces to improvised music. Her new solo set consists of music for clarinets and live-electronics, including works from Matilda Seppälä, Hannu Pohjannoro and Igor C Silva.

Xavière Fertin

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