BE ft HUUK, Day#1

BE ft HU & UK!
Some of the best Improvisers in Belgium, Hungary and UK meet in three amazing jams!

And, at the end, You could be involved in a "best of the show".
Come along with Your Instrument or just Your Voice!

See You,

Gerard Daval

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Happy Hour
Thursday 2 March
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In a Nutshell
THX J-M Van Schouwburg organizing this event!
Thursday 2 March
Set #1: Adam Bohman (UK) amplified objects & Willy Van Buggenhout (BE) analog synth
Set #2: Zsolt Sörès (HU) viola & electronics & JJ Duerinckx (BE) sopranino sax & Mike Goyvaerts (BE) percussions
Set #3: Oli Mayne (HU) vibes effects electronics & Audrey Lauro (BE) alto sax & J-M Van Schouwburg (BE) voice.
Set #4: "I Belong To The Band" and guestsVoices & Instruments from the Audience Pandemonium Conduction.

"I Belong To The Band"
Adam Bohman, Oli Mayne, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Zsolt Sörès.

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