Wasteland: Chamber Noise - Friday 9 June - 8pm

"Veritable Brandenburg concerto of noise pollution, Wasteland met at the Brussels festival Tempo al Tempo 2016.
Alchemy, affinities and an observation: the fragility of their “baroque” families of instrument (flute, oboe and guitars) could be put to use in an archaic and luminous landscape where breath penetrates feeling and the mind voyages on the threshold of unspeakable dada tremors with vertiginous reptilian speed…"

Obviously a positive momentum.

In practice:
Happy Hours: 6pm - 7:30pm
Concert: 8pm
15 euros
Pre-Sale (pls register at haekem@gmail.com) 10 euros
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)

Rosa Parlato (IT) flute, objects and electronics
Flautist, composer and teacher, active in free improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, music theatre and experimental chanson, also works with visual and video artists. Acousmatic works, installations and multidisciplinary creations presented at festivals including Sonoscopie #06 Mons, Ecran total #06 Muzzix Lille, Sound Up Transnumeriques Mons, Sound Walk Lisbonne, Silence Festival Lecce/Bari, Musica Viva Guimares, Sonor#8 Nantes, Panorama Fresnoy et Détours de Babel CIMN Grenoble.

Paulo Chagas (P) oboe
Composer, teacher and multi-instrumentalist, has dedicated his intervention to several strands of contemporary music, electro-acoustic, ambient, free improvisation, jazz and chamber music. Additionally he works on music production and promotion of improvised music concerts and festivals and also writes for music magazines and blogs. He is artistic director of the MIA Festival and Zpoluras Archives. Along with music, he loves to cook.

Philippe Lenglet (FR) guitars, objects
Self taught, gravitated very early on towards improvised music and prepared guitar. Has participated in the creation of the Orchestre des 100 guitares directed by Rhys Chatham, La pieuvre (improvising orchestra of the Centre Régional d’Improvisation et de Musique Expérimentale), Electric-Cue (5 electric guitars), NMPP, Electropus and Le Grand Orchestre of collective Muzzix Lille. Also plays with Michel Doneda, Daunik Lazro, Olivier Benoit, Jean-Marc Montera, Edward Perraud, Tony Oxley, Roger Turner, Eugene Chadbourne.

Steve Gibbs (USA/BE) 8 string guitar, voice
With a rich field of activity spanning recitals, research and multidisciplinary creation, has developed a radically personalized 8 string concert guitar with embedded captors that enables him to approach lute and keyboard music, contact noise and odd string fractions within a single instrument. Over 40 years of career has performed in Europe, USA and Asia. In addition to Western music, professional training includes, Carnatic and Buddhist chant and Korean shamanist percussion.

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