Serious Music Meets Popular Music - Thursday 20 July - 8pm

To celebrate Belgium National Day, Duo Dilemme takes you on a little trip across Europe and time in Haekem Theater on Thursday 20 July, 8pm.

Born in Brussels, capital city of Europe, one of the most European duets is proud to invite you to discover its fresh and energising universe!

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Gerard Daval

Practical Info:
Duo Dilemme
Marie Ghitta (viola), Welleda Muller (violin, singing, dancing)

Happy Hours: 6pm - 7:30pm
Concert: 8pm
15 euros

10 euros presale: Pls register at
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)

THX Welleda Muller for organizing this event!


Part #1: Travel in Europe
Following the Jewish tradition in Europe: Yiddish influences and Sephardic culture
- Ernest Bloch: 1rst movement of the Hebraic suite, rhapsody
- La Rosa Enflorece: 15th century Sephardic song
- El Chaim: Yiddish traditional

Hungarian music and singing in all its states
- Bela Bartok (1881-1945): extracts from the 44 duets for violins
- György Kurtag meets Hildegarde von Bingen (1098-1179): In nomine all’ongherese, 

O Virtus Sapientiae
- Andrea Gabrieli (1533-1585): La Vergine e smile a la Rosa
- Bohuslav Martinu: extract from “3 Madrigals”

Part #2: Music and dance
- Johannes-Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Prelude of the 2nd suite in D minor for cello
- Calasul: Romanian traditional
- Cantigas of Santa Maria (13th century): Quen a omagen
- Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377): Ay mi dame de valour
- Johannes-Sebastian Bach: Minuets of the first suite in G major for cello
- Johannes-Sebastian Bach: Sarabande of the 2nd suite in D minor for cello
- Branle gay (16th century collection, Attaignant): Je file
- Johannes-Sebastian Bach: Gigue of the first suite in G major for cello
- Irish Gigue
- William Croft (1678-1727): Sonata n°1, op. 3

- Fanny Tran (composition for the Duo Dilemme): J’ai faim ! Folklorissimo

Marie Ghitta is a viola player, graduated from the Conservatoire Royal of Brussels in Thérèse-Marie Gilissen class (Licence) and Vincent Hepp class (Master), and from the Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussels in Paul de Clerck class (Master).

She plays a very large repertoire, especially as part of the Akhatamar Quartet,
and the Arca Quartet.
She followed free improvisation class of Kris Defoort, and studied folkloric music in different countries.
She had played in the PasSages group since 2013 and she integrated the Young Belgian Strings in June 2014.

Welleda Muller is a violin player and a singer graduated from the Conservatoire Régional d’Auxerre. After a Phd in Art History she’s been hired as post-doc scholar in the Musiconis Project at University of 
Sorbonne; meanwhile she has specialized in Early Music (Dominique Vellard & Michel Laplénie classes).
She plays in different early music groups, such as Mescolanza.
She has been first violin in the Minimes Orchestra in Brussels (where she sometimes also sings as a  soloist) since April 2016. She’s been trained in Baroque dance by Nick Nguyen and Hubert Hazebroucq.

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