Haekem: DIKTAT - Tuesday Oct 31th -20:00

Illustration DIKTAT

“DIKTAT are the true masters of pure sounding ephemerality!

Tuesday Oct 31th -20:00

Electro-Collage-Voice Improvised Music
XP Music
Haekem Theatre: Rue de Laeken - 66 Lakensestraat - 1000 Brussels


Shih-wen Lee - double bass

Rinus van Alebeek - dictaphones

Emmanuel Ferrand - dictaphones

Harold Schellinx - dictaphones

"DIKTAT is a Dutch/French/Taiwanese electroacoustic alliance, that combines the idiomatic of EAI (Electro Acoustic Improvisation) with extreme contrapuntal thinking, the asymmetry of free declamation and the spontaneity of associative, surrealist collage.

The playback and manipulation of a multitude of (often voice based) lo-fi cassette tape recordings (either found or custom made) on in several cases badly degraded vintage equipment, and the occasional use of odd home-built electronic contraptions, provide the threads, that, through the double bass's thrust and control, its steer and its stitch, are woven into a tense, coherent & multi-layered sonic fabric of varying narrational density.

There's no sound without story. There are no stories without sound…

Diktat has been active since 2006, originally with Parisian based double bass player Jean Bordé, nowadays with Shih-wen Lee on double bass, who is originally from Taiwan, but currently based in Brussels."

* lien vidéo 

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About Diktat on the SoundBlog

In: Gonzo (Circus) magazine, #175, May-June 2023 (in Dutch)

" ... DIKTAT's concerts are recorded in the emergency of a wild energy. A little punks, a little academicians, they play outside, along a river, sometimes in galleries and walls disappear... The more one listens to this fierce album the more comes to one’s mind Moondog, who played in streets and ended his life in Germany. The choice to record this 'DIKTAT in Berlin' makes even stronger the assertion that these 4 are indeed the dignified heritors of the incredibly missed Louis Thomas Hardin..."

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