"Viewed through the prism of context engineering, 

it becomes apparent that the nature of consciousness is not fixed in the first place,
but is entirely dependent on the way we habitually use our eyes, ears and other senses to receive external information and interpret the nature of reality.

After all, it is the mind that creates experience, and once you know how to push its buttons the contours of consciousness become magnificently malleable."

On Sat 21 Oct Rinus Van De Melkboer & Vladimir Kaigorodov will welcome You for an ultimate and massive immersion in BioCitizen Science.
Not to be missed.
From 5PM.

Gerard Daval

In practice:
Bio-Music: Uralterrestrial & Guests

Bio-Poetry: Philip Volckaert & Guests
Bioyolopastoralaporno: D!D! De Paris
Bio-Sniff DaDaïne Masterclass with Inventor
Bio-Womb: Re-Birth Sessions with Light&Sound

Performances: As from 5pm
Free entrance
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)
THX Rinus & Vladimir for organizing this event!

Please note: These performances are Art. Haekem does not endorse any technical input, nor analyzing or approval the scientific contain, nor endorsing the results.
If You decide to participe to the performances, You do so entirely at your own risk.

Haekem shall have no liability to You for any consequences on the part. or Facebook

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