Belorukov+Hyvärinen - Thursday 9 Nov - 8pm

Chilled (out) Improv Music at its best. About two hours of pure sense of ease.

Serenity, quiescence. Calm and deep depth.

Designing the East of North Experience.
Ilia Belorukov (Saint-Petersburg) - alto saxophone or fluteophone, objects, electronics

Lauri Hyvärinen (Helsinki) - acoustic or electric guitar, effect pedals, objects

"Starting from free improvisation traditions and continuing with quiet contemporary composition, the musicians now approach their music from a more compositional point of view, carefully choosing each sound they produce. The range of sounds used is very wide, from using the surfaces of acoustic instruments such as saxophone or guitar to pick up sounds, to feedback in effect pedals chain or software/hardware modular synthesizer. The duo has releases on Pan Y Rosas Discos (USA), Rypistellyt Levyt (FI) and Spina!Rec (RU) labels. They will be on their first big tour in November 2017 after some smaller ones in Finland, Russia and Baltic States."

On THURSDAY 9 Nov they will play at Haekem (8:00 PM). Not to be missed.

Gerard Daval

In practice:
Happy Hours: 6 - 7:30pm
Concert: 8pm
15 euros
Pre-Sale (pls register at 10 euros
BIO (Private Show, By Invitation Only)
THX Lauri Hyvärinen for organizing this event!


for more info:

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