Parallel Asteroid & Violin+ - Fri 1st June - 8PM

More than ever, Haekem support and promote promising and renowned young Artists from the XP, Contemporary Classical Improvised Music International Scene.

Friday 1st June: Two outstanding Duos at Haekem.

One directly from Austria: Parallel Asteroid, Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl.
Duo Siedl/Cao is one of 5 groups from Austria that are selected for the renowned program New Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 in the category Contemporary Music.They are already touring all over the world and they will stop at Downtown Brussels Haekem.

The Second: Violin+, Dejana Sekulic (violinist) and Gilles Doneux.
Music for prepared violin, motion sensors and electronics.

We highly recommend this quality musical programming.

Siedl & Cao are patronized by The Austrian Cultural Forum and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

See U.

Gerard Daval

Friday 1st June - 8pm
Haekem, Downtown Brussels

with the support of

Set #1 Parallel Asteroid
Cao Thanh Lan (VN): Analog Synthesizer

Gregor Siedl (AT): Clarinet, Gamecalls

Electro-acoustic composition and improvisation for saxophone, gamecalls and 

analogue synthesizer

Parallel Asteroid connects experimental, acoustic and electronic sounds with the aesthetics of contemporary music.

Their work is a research into the relationship between electronic and organic sounds. 
The synthesizer with its super-human capabilities extends, blends in and sometimes hides inside the acoustic heart, while the clarinet/saxophone brings the human vitality and organic texture to the sound combination.

The musicians are the Vietnamese pianist and synthesizer player – Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl from Austria on clarinet/saxophone, gamecalls and tubes.

Parallel Asteroid have been touring extensively in Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
This concert is kindly supported by Österreichisches Kulturforum Brüssel.

Set #2 Violin+

Dejana Sekulic (RS) concept performance with Gilles Doneux (BE)

Temporality of the Impossible:
Violin+ explores some of the curious, exciting, peculiar, adventurous music and wondrous sonar worlds of pieces for prepared violin and violin with performative electronics.

In the later, the duo explores roles of instruments and performer, of acoustic and electronic, of characteristics and sound, playing with actions, interactions and hierarchies.

**How impossible is the “impossible”? The lasting curiosity of composers in
exploring expression through music continues the legacy of creating pieces that are
fresh, “new” and challenging not only for listening, but also to artistry of playing.
Subsequently, performers continue to be challenged by these pieces demanding
unconventional approaches.

“Temporality of the Impossible” focuses on these challenges, and addresses two important and inseparable parts of music and performance: the tangible and the abstract.**

The violin courtesy of Thomas Meuwissen (
More about Dejana:
More about Gilles:

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