Frid 21 Oct 2016 - 6 pm / Sat 22 Oct 2016 - 6 pm / Sun 23 Oct 2016 - 6 pm

Everybody told me: 'incredible', 'amazing'... Or stood speechless!

Haekem is thrilled to welcome a three-night long performance.

Guess what?
You are among the performers!

What's it all about?
Back to uterus!

Sound, lights. Feeling. In-depth memories.
Back to premises of your life, when you confusedly discerned you are human.

More: along the three days, tremendous poets will accompany everyone like an anointment.

An investiture to life? An experience to share.

See You.


L'Ut-u-rus Interactivus: 3 incredible days!
Day #1 Friday 21 October 2016
Doors 5:00 pm
Performance 6:00 pm Wombsessions
Performance 8:00 pm Traumasutra & Peter Geysers
Performance 9:00 pm Traumaterrestrial
Day #2 Saturday 22 October 2016
Doors 5:00 pm
Performance 6:00 pm Wombsessions
Performance 8:00 pm Transsonic Knocking Down
Day #3 Sunday 23 October 2016
Doors 5:00 pm
Performance 6:00 pm Wombsessions

Interactive Womb - L'Ut-u-rus Interactivus - 21 - 22 - 23 October 2016 from 6:00 pm

@ Everyday 21 to 23 October (Doors 5:00 pm)
The Wombs (Everyday from 6:00 pm)
The Womb is a Place-in-Space to experience Nothingness. We employ calculated noise frequency compositions (Sacral Noise), binaural tunes, asynchronous colour light gadget Lights-of-Life, hand held stroboscopes (1-15 Hz), specially designed perfume, and a biologically shaped space capsule to induce detachment from Old Reality.
The Womb is an immersive and interactive container where some magical experiences occur, which happen in the presence of an alien-artist inside who guides the human subjects into the New World.

Vladimir Kaigorodov, De-Paintings (Art-Fermentation) (Everyday from 6:00 pm)
On the entrance. Vladimir devotes special energy to rescuing and recuperating discarded art works and takes steps to rectify the paintings potential for dignity by scRATching away and removing potentionally damaging aspects or simply banal ones. The paintings are then reborn into the inspiring realm that Simone Weil donoted as that of the ''decreased''

Reinout Rinus De Vos, Visuals & Projections on the wall. (Everyday from 6:00 pm)
Reinout uses minimalistic interactions in his experimental films.
Can the viewer guess what is going on?

@ Friday 21 October (Doors 5:00 pm)
The Wombs, De-Paintings, Visuals & Projections on the wall. (Everyday from 6:00 pm)

Traumasutra & Peter Geysers (Friday 21 October 8:00 pm)
Peter Geysels and Peter De Koning met in the rehearsal room of dark industrial band For Greater good. Their roles in what would become their future project were clear from this very first meeting: Geysels played his flutes (Kaval / bass clarinet) with great virtuosity while Peter drummed quite randomly on found objects. Noise against harmonie... It would become the guidebook of their later collaboration. While both musicians don't share the same musical background, there were a lot of interests they have in common.
Both are attracted to the darker side of life and both is to explore this side in an experimental musical matter. Every new composition starts with a mutual improvisation. Geysels plays the Kaval, which De Koning manipulates in real time. Together they use snippets of this improvisation to compose a basic track. The process is circular, as Geysels uses this new track to add more wood winds. 2016-porta-nigra/

TraumaTerrestrial (Friday 21 October 9:00 pm)
TraumaTerrestrial is Peter De Koning (TraumaSutra) & Reinout De Vos (UltraTerrestrial) together they forge their ritual drones and industrial darkambient to a sonic psychedelic noise soundscape with no return. impro-4

@ Saturday 22 October (Doors 5:00 pm)
The Wombs, De-Paintings, Visuals & Projections on the wall. (Everyday from 6:00 pm)

Transsonic Knocking Down (Saturday 22 October 8:00 pm)
Transsonic Knocking Down is an electronic experimental multimedia project of Reinout De Vos and Lazara Rosell Albear.
A study of different kind of sounds using the base drones of planets in combination with spoken word and visuals.
They include in the compositions extended sound manipulations, altered field recordings, wave generators, subsonic modulations among other sources for an other worldly experience.
From Klaus Schulze to Acid Mother Temple, from Lydia Lunch to Throbling Gristle, just to name some influences.
Each concert has a specific and peculiar atmosphere that interacts with the environment. The open mindness of this project gives international artists working with different media the possibility to contribute to a transcendental experience. They already collaborate with Jorgen Teller from Denmark, Maja Jantar from Belgium, Vladimir Kai from Russia and recently they teamed up with cuban Projecto I.A (Liam Suarez and Alexis De La O).
The audience is blast away, knocked of their chairs but at the end always lifted up.

@ Sunday 23 October (Doors 5:00 pm)
The Wombs, De-Paintings, Visuals & Projections on the wall. (Everyday from 6:00 pm)

Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.
Twitter: @haekem
Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne
By invitation only.
As usual at Haekem, fees (hat) are collected by and exclusively allocated to the Artists.

Metro & 4mn walk.

Probably, the best way to Haekem
• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
- Laeken Str,
- Follow till 66.
Welcome to Haekem.

Copyright © 2016 Haekem. All rights reserved. Haekem is a registered trademark.
Artworks, Photo: Reinout Rinus De Vos. Graphics Studio: Haekem.

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