RESONARE 17 - BIOMAN >< SOLOMAN - Fri Oct 7 - 8:30 pm

It's an honor to welcome Mike Goyvaerts and his RESONARE Experimental & Spontaneous Music Series.
Now 17th!

- Set #1 BIOMAN saxophone quartet: Sakina AbdouVincent DebaetsLaurent RigautJean-Baptiste Rubin.
All of them play as well altotenor and/or baritone saxophones.

- Set #2 'RANDOMATICS' solo percussion: small & big(ger) percussionobjectstoyswords.

Bioman Quartet
"The Bioman Quartet musician’s play each 3 different saxophones (alto, tenor and baritone).
With the Brian Eno "Discreet Music" project they tackle the thorny issue of the auditor /musician relation.
Through an headphone device the musicians listen to and improvise on the same piece of music, which the audience cannot hear. Also with their headphones the players cannot hear one another and only the link to the music makes that the result stays on the verge of cacophony, but is not totally incoherent (or is it ?...).
Only the audience hears the result, the musicians themselves haven't the slightest idea. 
Conclusion : the audience ignores what the musicians hear and vice versa...
Musicians : Sakina Abdou, Vincent Debaets, Jean-Baptiste Rubin et Laurent Rigaut.
Their musical backgrounds have left traces on the internet... take a look!"

Mike Goyvaerts
"Drummer, percussionist, explorer of sounds and noises, occasional author, involuntary conductor and organizer of improvised and/or experimental music concerts in the Brussels area (series Resonare).
For this solo piece he stages a set built around a horizontal bass drum which he torments with kitchen utensils, other various objects, small percussion, toys and gadgets.
'Randomatics' presents a succession of ideas, movements and sonorities acquired and elaborated during his long career
as a creative musician.
Here the percussionist becomes a poet, the drummer sketches the sounds, the composer tells his story, the improviser invents the unpredictable and the performer walks on a tight rope...
He is somewhere also on the net... good luck!"

Friday 7 October 2016
Doors 7:00 pm
Concert 8:30 pm
As usual at Haekem, fees (6€) are collected by and exclusively allocated to the Artists.
ContemporaryXP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels.

Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne

By invitation only.

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