Sun 16 Oct 2016 - 6 pm

Matsumoto+Rodz approach attracted our attention, so we want to introduce them.

One of their favorite quote:
"I think musicians rape music...
In spanish they say "tocar: To touch".
Meaning to play.
I think some people touch music without her allowing them."
(Hector Rey)

They use pitches to skim over music. To cross your mind!

Mitsuaki plays an old Japanese electro upgraded lute.
Lauren uses reeds, little percussive or hijacked objects and raw electronic noises.

They create no so-called musical work, but a sensory space.
"Touché", you can be confident you'll be.



Mitsuaki Matsumoto

"audio-visualist", visual artist, composer, sound performer, scenographer, part-time lecturer of Tottori University (Japan)

Under the name of Mathieu Martin, he had been developed it his work, which had no particular direction nor visible form, for the goal to give to the spectators a physiological feeling. By this point of view, he creates also scenography.

As a musician, He plays in differents contexts: acoustic improvisation music (bandoneon), prepared sitar (self-made instrument), electronic sound accompaniment for the dance etc. .. He also plays in collaboration with instrumentalists : Pierre Bastien, Jac berrocal, Itaru Oki, Cristian Vogel, Roland Pinsard, Vincent Laubeuf, Hugues Vincent, Cédric Piromalli, Pascal Le Gal, Patrice Grente, Mori-Shige, Ko Ishikawa etc. And choreographers, notably with Jayachandran Palahzy (indian choreographer), he played in Venice Biennale, Bonn Biennale, Monaco Dance Forum, Dance Munich, Julidance(Amsterdam) etc..

His solo work concern about "no-sence". He tries to create "a sensory space", not only musical work. For realise it, he use different means, from acoustic to electric, from analog to digital, from stereo to surround.

Lauren Rodz

Arranged objects and electronics...
A raw grasp over human activities from the sound point of view...
Activity of opening a door and accepting / transforming what you find beyond.
Laurenrodz performs in the field of improvised music, abstract noise... He performs with Elo Masing, Miriam Siebenstadt, Dario Fariello, Mathieu Garrouste, Naoto Yamagishi, Sebastien Lemporte, Alex Riva...

Laurenrodz works with improvised audio-visual performance,
the manipulation of rickety devices and imaginary operations peeking under the veil of daily things...

"Interweaving sound, movement and image in unexpected ways,
Laurent Rodriguez presents the audience with absurd and dada-esque performances, enacted with beauty, humour, and poetic evanescence. With a range of influences going from experimental cinema to fluxus performance, to pull disparate ideas into new forms of interactive media, striking a peculiar balance between deconstructionist abstraction and primordial weirdness." - Cal Lyal

Sunday 16 October 2016
Doors 5:00 pm
Concert 6:00 pm
By invitation only.
As usual at Haekem, fees (hat) are collected by and exclusively allocated to the Artists.

Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.
Twitter: @haekem
Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne

Metro & 4mn walk.
Probably, the best way to Haekem
• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
- Laeken Str,
- Follow till 66.
Welcome to Haekem.

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Artworks, Photo: Mitsuaki Matsumoto, Lauren Rodz. Graphics Studio: Haekem.

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