"And a half" - Tuesday 29 November - 8pm

75 years entirely devoted to Contemporary Music.
Sir Lawrence, as far as we know, you were not in Brussels when "the day" had come.
But we can't miss such an event... Even couple months later.

"Many returns of the day, Sir".

Your unbelievable talent over and over brings to light new parts of contemporary music.

We can't wait your next step to be revealed in Haekem.

With us at Haekem,
Audrey Lauro, an amazing talent of her generation, alto sax,
Marcello Magliocchi, top-notch drummer,
Matthias Boss and his great natural sound projection,
Guy Frank Pellerin, a very distinctive voice on his own,
are proud to welcome Mr. Lawrence Casserley.

True "savante" music and emotional skills will be present all through this unforgettable evening.

Thanks to be with us, Sir.

Gerard Daval

Tuesday 29 November 8pm

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