From Lille, France
Improvised music

Moto Club: Claude Colpaert, gangsa ; Eric Mimosa, lapsteel guitar
Vox Copuli: Claude Colpaert, Voice ; Fred Loisel, electronics

Moto Club: Hawaiian guitar and balinese metallophone. Were never meant to see each other.
Vox Copuli: Almost unrecognizable voice yet singing technics.

Will have a heyday trying to figure it out...
To be heard on Saturday night 8pm.

See You.

Gerard Daval

Haekem. Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.

Lakensestraat 66 rue de Laeken
1000 Brussels
Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne
By invitation only.
As usual at Haekem, fees (hat) are collected by and exclusively allocated to the Artists.

Haekem, Next.
Proposed Agenda.

Subject to modifications: Please follow our mails, blog and tweet.

Thursday 17 November 8pm: 2Välnö Project - Jean Samuel Bez & Friends

Tuesday 22 November 8pm: Ontsporing Concert.

Thursday 25 November 8pm: Ian-Elfinn + Dodeka

Tuesday 28 November 8 pm: JM Van Schouwburg & TRIO
Marcello Magliocchi percussion Matthias Boss violon
Guy Frank Pellerin sax tenor & soprano

Wednesday 30 November 8pm: Daniele Martini & Friends 

Please follow our mails, blog (haekem.blogspot.com) or twitter (@haekem) or Facebook.

Metro & 4mn walk.
Probably, the best way to Haekem

• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
- Laeken Str,
- Follow till 66.
Welcome to Haekem.

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Artworks, Photos: DR, Gerard Daval. Process: FX Photo Studio Pro, Photoshop, Prisma. Graphics Studio: Haekem.

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