Instantane#2 Frid 25 Nov 2016 8pm
Musical collective Dodeka - Fractales ensemble - Friends - Surprise (Hapax)

"Instantané concert series", new Ian-Elfinn Rossiu contemporary music recital program..
Haekem was chosen to hosted the series.

Haekem, Friday 25 November 8pm

Instantané#2 Programm:

Dódeka Collectif
Renata Kambarova: Flute
Ian-Elfinn Rosiu: Cello

Ensemble Fractales
Marion Borgel: Violin
Diego Amaral Coutinho: Cello
Renata Kambarova: Flute
Benjamin Maneyrol: Clarinette
Gian Ponte: Piano

Corentin Faure: Cello

Concerts should be amazing!

Among the best of their generation involved!
Not to be missed.

KR Gerard Daval

Custom introduction

Dódeka Collectif
Brussels based, Dódeka is dedicated to modern & contemporary music.
Tailoring artists involved in accordance with an event is the idea and Dódeka rule.
Dódeka on facebook

Ensemble Fractales

"Fractales is a young ensemble of international musicians based in Brussels. Founded in 2012 at the Brussels Royal Conservatory, the ensemble is born from the desire to promote new music. Trained with Ictus and Spectra during an advanced master specialized in contemporary music, Fractales has also been mentored by Ensemble Recherche and Klangforum Wien.

At first specialized in spectral music, Fractales has enlarge his repertory including numerous styles of modern music : saturationism, concrete music, electronic music, new complexity, minimalism... Fractales is also supporting the international contemporary avant-guarde, working regularly with young composers. Fractales did his first workshop for young composers in 2015, colaborating with PhD students from Southampton University.

Young emerging ensemble of the European scene, Fractales has already performed many times :Ars Musica, festival Batard, Week of the Contemporary Music, Piknik Music, Studio Spatial, SMOG n°8, festival Loop 5 and Loop 8 in Belgium ; Summer of Sounds, Schoenberg Centre, festival ISA 14 and Impuls 2015 in Austria ; Turner Sims Concert Hall in England...

Fractales was awarded the "Just Composed!" interpretation prize at the International Summer Academy Masterclass in Mürzzuschlag, Austria in 2014 for the best performance of a premiere by Sonja Mutić.

Fractales is supported and recognized by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles."

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Haekem. Contemporary, XP & Improv Music. Downtown Brussels. Unique.
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Metro: Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne
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As usual at Haekem, fees (hat) are collected by and exclusively allocated to the Artists.

Metro & 4mn walk.
Probably, the best way to Haekem
• Metro Station:
- Sainte Catherine / Sint Katelijne,
- Exit opposite "St Catherine",
- Follow till former de Brouckère Column, by the right of the pond.
• Look on your right and follow:
- Grand Hospice Str,
- Till its end (about 250m).
• There, turn right:
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- Follow till 66.
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